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@Venty Wie jetzt, ist inzwischen auch pony-sexual ein Ding?

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Daniel Karrenberg - Why It is Important to Remember Jon Postel

This talk from RIPE 77 starts
54:00 minutes into the video recording

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One of my more unique machines: the MicroMite Companion.
I built it as a Kit a couple of years ago. It uses a MicroMite Microcontroller which is programmable in BASIC and a Propeller chip for graphics and sound, with an SD card for storage Uses a Wii nunchuck as it's joystick.

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Tatsächlich mal ein ernstzunehmendes (und nicht nur spöttisch-böses) Flowchart auf die Frage, ob man tatsächlich ein Anwendungsszenario für die Blockchain gefunden hat.
(Quelle: twitter.com/ruskin147/status/1)

Nop, nothing special, just another Diaaspora server which is in fact rather new. Considering the name and that id got installed not long before the closing anouncement it seams like made up for purpose. Must not be bad, but I'm not sure if it'll realy create a durable following. Lets see.

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My wife had informed me that I am allowed two more days of moping about the coming loss of G+.

MeWe has a significant alt-right infestation. If the blocking tools aren't robust enough, that'll make it nonviable for me.

@unixwitch Ha! Das Bild hat Dich verraten :))

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Google is shutting down G+. G+ was hacked and info on thousands upon thousands of accounts was exposed. The fix is to just close down the service? And the hack happened years ago. Honestly, I think Google was just looking for an excuse to close down G+. techcrunch.com/2018/10/08/goog

Great Idea Territan.

Computer Nerd since the 70s and still hooked to machiens - 8-bit and IBM/370 prefered, but I don't judge.

Somewhat of a retired AD&D gamer and Narrowboat lover.

Bavarian by Nature.