Wenn ihr mich & den Imperator unterstützen möchtet in der unmöglichen Aufgabe den PoS zu bemalen, bestellt eure Sachen direkt über diesen Link fantasywelt.de/?ska=oVRnqKp40k Niemand versendet schneller!

Es geht voran mit meinem Projekt Genug Gelb für das Landungsschiff Danke @FantasyWelt@twitter.com Blog Posts in progress

You want an here we go:
I'm Nils Hitze from Dachau, Germany, born 1983 in Essen, migrated to Bavaria young, married since 2004, father since 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 (no twins, same wife, we're not religious) - yes those are NINE kids, no we don't own a car.

Started screwing around with computers around 9, programmed character generators in around 11, build my first website around 15 and am blogging ever since 2005 on silberkind.de

I've founded & organized countless 's in and around Munich (BarCamp, GameCamp, CloudCamp), founded the Munich (Google Technology UserGroup now , Google Developer Group), organized the first german - MakeMunich.de in 2013 & you can find a german overview of this at silberkind.de/projekte/ because I think 5000 characters might be not enough :)

I saw my first in 2009, got my first own 3dprinter in 2012 (an Ultimaker), helped managing the largest 3dprinting community on Google+ (which I dearly miss) with over 500k members and sold 3dprinters from my basement in 2015.

Over than this I helped the popup supply chain around against covid in Germany in the Network in 2020, where our 6500+ members produced over 100k of Faceshields & afterwards I burned out, more or less.

Finally getting my things together and will probably organise a in Munich around end of this year.

Ok this became bit of a bragging toot - I'm totally not sorry.

So - these days I still do Webdev for a LegalTech company in Munich and in my spare time I paint miniatures, brew beer or read books (SciFi, Fantasy), listen to a lot of Music (mixed Genre, HipHop, Metal, Electro, Jazz), watch TV or play

So much for now - would love to know more about you or answer any questions about large families.

Ghost Ark fast fertig. Es fehlt noch der Pilot und die Krieger müssen fertig magnetisiert werden

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