Ok, let me be clear here, that "follow me" was timed at when I posted that, no need to follow me for a day to get an invite.

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Only for people following me here (last time I had lots of weird interactions, don't want that anymore), I have two in case you're interested.

Bei all dem dürfen wir nicht vergessen, dass die USA, über die wir ja so heftig geschimpft haben und noch schimpfen, eine geringere CFR hat als DE. CFR kommt von vielen Faktoren, nicht alle sind kontrollierbar. Es ist unser Job, diese so gut wir können zu kontrollieren.

Deutschland: Ja, nee, wir wissen nicht, ob wir für Sie eine Impfung parat haben. Waren Sie denn hier in Deutschland in den letzten sechs Monaten exklusiv tätig?
Israel: Ja, geh einfach zum IKEA, da gibt's kostenlos Köttbollar mit einer Impfung.

Nach zwei Jahren im Ausland, jetzt, steht für mich fest, dass ich nicht mehr nach DE in die Medizin zurück will. Jedes Land, jedes System, hat seine Macken und Probleme, aber für mich sind die Probleme hier weniger eins als dort.

mikka.is/2021/01/28/james-mira - one of the most curious trailblazers in medicine had a secret he hid for most of his life. If you never read anything about trailblazers in medicine, read this one...


Some heroes wear white. Celebrating another trailblazer in medicine, Elizabeth Blackwell, who became the first female physician in the US, 172 years ago today.

Today we have a doozy. A bunch of callous scam artists selling a product that costs cents to make for $30, claiming properties that do not exist and can put people at a very real and high risk of injury or death -- mikka.is/2021/01/08/uvlen-just

"Oh, wir schicken ihnen einen Brief. Loggen sie sich bitte ein und bestätigen sie die PIN, die wir an ihren nicht aktivierten Mobilfunk-Anschluss geschickt haben um ihre Adresse zu bestätigen."

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Jetzt sind wir bei einer Woche Spaß mit @Telekom_hilft@twitter.com. "Oh, ihr Mobilanschluss geht nicht? Leider können wir ihnen keinen Berater verbinden, wir rufen sie an." "Oh, sie wollen die Rufnummer XYZ aktivieren? Gerne, tippen Sie bitte die PIN, die wir an XYZ geschickt haben ein."

Y’know, I love you @woltapp@twitter.com, but if you give me a promo code, don’t tell me 5 mins later it's all used up. That's like denying a fat kid his cheesecake. Which is precisely what happened. Still ordering it, because as I said, I <3 you.

This is what happens when you order from @foodycomcy@twitter.com. Now I am still hungry, my money's gone for a few days (doubt they'll process it over the weekend), and I didn't go shopping because I wanted to order in, which is now impossible, too.

... then stop running your site. Seriously. Even under Yahoo! there were better responses. How much can you really care about a site if you let it become a haven for pedophiles and porn (which I don't mind, just not on Flickr without age gating)?

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Here are accounts actively collecting pictures of naked children in various states of embrace, faving and sharing between each other, and my only recourse is to "block this person if they make you uncomfortable."

If, in 2020, you can't be arsed to have a dedicated abuse team...

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This is followed by a selector of some platitudes, no free form entry, clearly a "don't fucking bother us with your shit" kind of attitude. It's 2020, things aren't as simple as "this is making me uncomfortable."

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[🧵] CW: pedophilia. @Flickr@twitter.com is getting worse and worse. Recently, I've found multiple accounts on the site that are clearly pedophilia related. To even *find* the "Report Abuse" link you'd have to search quite a bit (this should be prominent).

I kind of like the colors of the @nordtheme@twitter.com, so this is a simple theme called “Nordish” for Pythonista, loosely aligned with Nord. Pythonista won’t let me style everything, but it’s enough for me.


I made a thing with @olemoritz@twitter.com' Pythonista, because not only geniuses steal example code and call it cool. It's pretty cool, though, so there...


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