[🧵] CW: pedophilia. is getting worse and worse. Recently, I've found multiple accounts on the site that are clearly pedophilia related. To even *find* the "Report Abuse" link you'd have to search quite a bit (this should be prominent).

This is followed by a selector of some platitudes, no free form entry, clearly a "don't fucking bother us with your shit" kind of attitude. It's 2020, things aren't as simple as "this is making me uncomfortable."

Here are accounts actively collecting pictures of naked children in various states of embrace, faving and sharing between each other, and my only recourse is to "block this person if they make you uncomfortable."

If, in 2020, you can't be arsed to have a dedicated abuse team...

... then stop running your site. Seriously. Even under Yahoo! there were better responses. How much can you really care about a site if you let it become a haven for pedophiles and porn (which I don't mind, just not on Flickr without age gating)?

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