I'm in Cyprus for more than a month now, and though I miss Munich terribly, I could get used to this. It's not a trip into the Alps, but it's got its advantages :)

Cyprus... Loving it here! And to think that this will be my home for the coming years...

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“We have no idea what’s going on - it’s utterly hopeless”. I caught up with some of the 15,000 frustrated Thomas Cook customers affected by the operator’s collapse here in Cyprus, as well as some of the many businesses who depend on tourism - ttgmedia.com/news/we-have-no-i

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Das war mal ein 140m2 Haus. Geht nix über einen Umzug mit einer Billig Airline um mal das Leben auszumisten.

EDC: paar T-Shirts, Binden, Kuscheltiere für den Komfort, Menge an Tech.

The "Pussy Pirate" (name given by a 5 year old who also drew the flag and the adults were too busy laughing to come up with something better) sets sail. ift.tt/30ZbsjK

Typisch @DB_Bahn@twitter.com mal wieder... tut mir leid, Jungs, aber wenn von sechs(!) versuchten Buchungen in den letzten vier Wochen fünf wegen eines Fehlers in der Amadeus-Bridge abgebrochen werden, dann...

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