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Mikka Luster @mikka@mastodon.bayern

Took a while, but I finally managed to change all the GTK variables on the Chomebook to have everything Nord Colorscheme. Kind of happy with that :)

Every morning, my desktop is changing to one of 108 randomly possible backgrounds. I am not sure, but I think my hardware is conspiring to tell me something.

RT @JLefortBesnard@twitter.com: Finally out! Hidden structure in the widely used PANSS questionnaire @danilobzdok@twitter.com


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Der @hallohirn@twitter.com diese Woche... kaum Zuhรถrer auf Ovcercast und Google Podcasts... komisch. Allgemein ziemlich zurรผck gegangen, was auch daran liegen kann, dass Depression schon etwas her ist.

Subspecializations within default mode network nodes. @danilobzdok@twitter.com at

At @danilobzdok@twitter.com talks about machine learning, significance, and research.

Sabine Dziemian talks about the replication crisis in academia and about Open Science as a solution.

RT @amhaugg@twitter.com: The first day of is coming to an end with a talk by @DanielMargulies@twitter.com, a disco ball, and lots of chocolate brains. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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The network may be situated at the top of the brain network hierarchy, as Mesulam suggested and several empirical studies have now shown

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Daniel S. Marguiles' talk about Gradients in Cortical Organization at .

RT @amhaugg@twitter.com: Brainhack Zurich about to start. Very excited!

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Robotic arm and neural interface workshop

Joshua Kumi at proposing a project to detect pregnancies via MyoSensors in Ghana.

Pitch Round -- pitch your hack for 5 minutes, find collaborateurs.

Brain Hack Zurich, intro session