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The one thing I love about is the "Throwback" functionality ("today, 1 Month/Year ago"). Does have something like it?

I don't know, but needs to urgently work on its purchasing systems... paid, logged out, back in (on multiple systems), still no content. Probably again, but what do I know...

Because we still can't move (I'll be on break from Uni in a week and a half, then I'll do it, I promise), we're holding off on Mastodon 3. Apologies.

Because we don't have a screaming baby on board this time, the fucking lady one seat over is watching videos of screaming kids at full volume. Wouldn't want to have a calm flight for a change...

Zwischen den beiden Shirts liegt ein Jahr, vier Fachfortbildungen, eine Fachqualifikation, eine Weiterbildung, und 3000 Kilometer Luftlinie.

Just paid €16 Cyprus customs on a package from the US. It's value? €0, a patch for being a disaster response supporter. But because shipping was €25, they charged the minimum import fee.

If you TRULY think, that I implore you to work a week as support in an ER and take the job of telling sick people that they'll have to wait another hour because "compassionate care" applies to everyone, and STEMI or needing a day off, you're same in line.

Hey guys, we're moving the move (pun, pun) of by one or two weeks. Today's pre-move testing revealed, that we have shitty connectiity between the old and new host, owing to an outage at the DECIX. This would make the rsync take ~8 hours and we're not sure if we can get everything over inside the window.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On November 15, around 8pm GMT we'll take down to move from Digital Ocean to a better host (longer explanation in a post on as soon as we're done). The migration itself might take between 3 and 6 hours, followed by DNS propagation delays. We're setting TTL for very low, but can't guarantee that your DNS server or upstream DHCP DNS relay will catch up quickly.

New York City EMT suffers stroke driving ambulance, then colleague who came to help has aneurysm

I'm in Cyprus for more than a month now, and though I miss Munich terribly, I could get used to this. It's not a trip into the Alps, but it's got its advantages :)

Going back to school is tedious, tiring, and the people around me fall neatly into "nice" and "no way would I ever..." And, yet, I love every moment of it. School is your partner on the crapper, but if you still have butterflies going there every day, you have the right job.

Love is ... when you come home from work and your partner had the bad lobster last night, sits on the can, the door is open, and you can hear it all, see it all, smell it all... and you still love him.

That's how I feel about being here, right now.

We apologize as we fix some issues with the server. We might be up and down on for a bit. Long story: don't use certain hosts. TL;DR: Fsck!

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